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Preventing Your next Headache is Possible.

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Tired of Suffering from Headaches?

Headaches can be more complicated than most people realize. Different kinds can have their own set of symptoms, happen for unique reasons, and need different treatments.

Once you know the type of headache you have, you and your doctor can find the treatment that’s most likely to help and even try to prevent them. Get in contact with Cape Town’s leading headache specialist today. Our results with management of chronic headaches are outstanding.

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There Are 150 Types of Headaches. The Most Common Ones Are:

Once you get your headaches diagnosed correctly, you can start the right treatment plan for your symptoms.

The first step is to talk to Dr.J. Reid about your headaches. He’ll give you a physical exam and ask you about the symptoms you have and how often they happen. It’s important to be as complete as possible with these descriptions.


“After consulting “so-called” headache specialists around my location, I came to find that Dr. J. Reid is the one that I should have consulted in the first place. It would have saved me time and money. ”

Leonora Christensen, Cape Town

“Excellent service. Has greatly improved my life and made me migraine free! Would highly recommend to anyone that suffers from migraines or headaches.”

Wayne Adams, Cape Town

“When I looked for a solution to my constant headaches, I wanted to consult with someone that really understood me and my unique situation. Dr.J Reid, thank you for everything. ”

Christiaan Gouveia, Cape Town